√ Within the scope of the Word Based SEO work, seo analysis is carried out according to the search intensity of the keyword and derivative search words.

√ Following the determination of the keywords, detailed SEO Analysis of your website and competing sites are performed.

√ The revision of the content according to the keyword density and the editing of the meta fields are carried out within the scope of SEO Studies within the Site.

√ After determining the target audience addressed by your services and the channels that host this target audience, our Backlink studies are carried out.

√ Within the scope of Word Based SEO studies, Site SEO, Site SEO, Mobile SEO, Local SEO studies are carried out.

SEO Service

Our Word-Based SEO study involves performing word analysis and determining the right keywords in accordance with the sector they are in and the service they provide. In Word Based SEO studies, In-Site and Off-Site SEO studies are carried out in line with the determined keywords.

Within the scope of our SEO Consultancy service, SEO Studies are started by our SEO Experts by making SEO analysis of your site, competitor sites and industry. Following the general review and site analysis of your industry, word analyzes are carried out for accurate keyword targeting. SEO Analysis; On-site SEO, off-site SEO is a comprehensive analysis that includes brand image and awareness, as well as social media analysis.

The keys determined as a result of the analyzes made are in the site with the words; SEO compatible arrangements and additions are made in the meta fields, link structure, product / page name and descriptions of corporate service or products. In addition to these, the analysis of the pages with the highest efficiency according to your keywords and a link network strategy are created according to these pages.

Thanks to the keywords determined by the analysis made according to your site and industry, your website is made SEO compatible, while all SEO works are complicated and advanced through off-site SEO studies and social media studies. Within the scope of word-based SEO studies to be made within the site, all product and category names, page titles, page descriptions, URL structures and similar fields are arranged within the framework of existing keywords and become SEO compatible. Backlink and site promotion activities are carried out within the scope of offsite SEO studies. Introducing your site and strengthening the link networks specific to your keywords are provided through daily work on dozens of platforms.

While continuing on-site SEO and off-site SEO studies continue, studies are carried out on Social Media to strengthen site values, increase the number of visitors and brand awareness. Firstly, a certain social media strategy is created with metric analysis on Social Media and then SEO studies are continued within this strategy.

At all stages of SEO Studies, the trends of competing sites and keywords, developments on your site are tracked and you are informed about the values ​​of your site.

Our SEO Consultancy service is fixed by contract, and an increase in site values ​​and keyword rankings is guaranteed each month compared to the previous month.

You can contact us to get information about our SEO Services, to submit your questions about SEO or to get an SEO Offer.

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