Brand Identity

To win mindshare, market share and gain over the competition, your brand has to be DIFFERENT. Your brand identity helps you differentiate your brand!


We start the process with an in-depth discovery and research phase where we look into what your brand is and stands for. We also conduct a competitive analysis to understand the trends in the market segment and how to ensure your identity stands apart.
Quick Fact: Clarifying your brand message leads to the quickest gains in terms of increasing sales and revenue. 


The key to your brand visual language is the primary logo design. Getting this right is crucial to how the rest of the brand identity would turn out. We specialise in creating logo designs that not only look awesome but also align with your brand message and story. Looking for just a logo design? Click Here.

Quick fact: Over 80% of business owners consider a logo design as an “expense”! On the contrary, it is a great “investment” in the success of your brand!


Next, we will create a secondary brand mark that can be used on merchandise, apparel (t-shirts, hats), social media and used as a seal or stamp or embossed decal on leather etc.

Quick Fact: One of the primary reasons big brands seem to have awesome branding is that they use a secondary brand mark in a strategic way to enhance their brand identity!


We will create an official brand pattern that can be used inside apparel lining or on the back of packaging (like a custom gingham pattern), on t-shirts, promotional materials, social media and more.

Quick Fact: Official brand patterns are crucial to creating a branded perception and for beating competition in terms of look and feel!


To create a consistent visual identity, we will also create a matching business card, letterhead, and envelope design along with Facebook cover image and avatar as well as an email signature.

Quick Fact: Contrary to popular belief, business cards and official stationery still play a major part in creating the right kind of impression on prospects and customers.


One of the essential documents any business can have is a brand style guide to ensure brand consistency throughout any collateral you produce – no matter who created it. This style guide includes your primary and secondary logo technical specs, usage rules, color palettes, typography, image styles and more.
Quick Fact: Contrary to popular belief, business cards and official stationery still play a major part in creating the right kind of impression on prospects and customers.


After much research and brainstorming, our award-winning branding team will create different design directions and concepts and present them to you in beautiful branding presentations so you can see how the designs interact in the real world and help you envision how each design would help make the right impact.

Logo Design Phase

  • Once you complete the order, we will send you a link to our creative brief
  • After you submit the creative brief, a team of talented and award-winning designers (usually up to 4) will be assigned to your project
  • Your project will be created on where you will meet your team, communicate with them, check the calendar and milestones and see the work in progress
  • In 2-4 business days, we will come back to you with 6 initial logo design concepts, beautifully presented to you with real-world usage and examples
  • You select the design concept of your choice and we will work with you to fine-tune and tweak the design to your liking
  • Once you finalize the design, we will give you final logo files in 8 different formats including vector (EPS and AI) and the web (JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, TIF)

Identity System Phase

  • Along with the main logo design, we will brainstorm and create a secondary and even a tertiary icon that will compliment your primary brand mark
  • An official pattern will be created that can used in a variety of different scenarios to give your brand a “branded look and feel”.
  • We will also present potential product branding suggestions via a series of mockups*** so you can visualize and get inspired for your future product branding

Stationery Design Phase

  • Once the logo design is completed, we swiftly move onto the stationery design phase
  • We create a beautiful matching business card, letterhead, and envelope design and show you the concept in a beautiful layout as you can see on the right-hand side image
  • You can ask for tweaks or changes to the design layout
  • Once you are happy with the final design, we create printer ready file formats in AI, EPS and PDF formats
  • You can download the final files and send them to your printer

Facebook Cover + Email Signature Phase

  • Finally, we will create a beautiful Facebook cover image and avatar
  • We also create an email signature image so you can use your brand identity consistently