Social Media Management

Developing Specific and Individual Strategy to Your Business

Considering the target audience and future plans of your institution or business; We analyze similar institutions and businesses.
By combining the results of our analysis and your expectations, we make a decision about what social networks, language and what kind of content strategy we need to use, in short we will create your social media identity from scratch.

Social Media Calendar and Planning

We plan content on a monthly basis in line with the social media identity determined for your institution or business. We are bringing all content plans(which is filtered and approved by you) of the next month ready for sharing.
We create special contents on your brand’s social media accounts related to the daily high on the world’s agenda during the month, like Solar Eclipse, an interesting event worldwide, great achievements in the country, etc. With these contents, which we call Real-time Marketing, with these contents, which we call real-time marketing, we care about your brand reaching a much wider audience and does not stay away from the topics discussed in social media.
We create contents with high competitions and extremely interactive posts that will make people to talk about your brand positively on social media.

Effective & Remarkable Designs and Contents

We attach great importance to visual impact.
We prepare interesting designs that are compatible with your content, linked to your brand identity, and will enable you to convey your messages more effectively to your followers.
We believe that successful and effective visuals are the biggest supporter of your brand, as we can make you assure that when it comes to first impression, users on social media often take into account that they interact with the visual before looking at the content shared.

Follow-up Management

Messages and comments from all social networks where your business is located are answered in accordance with the language of your brand meantime fast communication with followers is ensured so follower loyalty is provided.
Users who do not follow you but talk about your business in social media is being tracked by us so we ensure the reputation management and communication of your brand by scanning followers.
We help building brand awareness and brand loyalty by contacting users who may be your potential customers.
We are preparing the necessary crisis plans for possible situations by understanding the crisis situations that may occur in social media about your brand in advance..

Social Media Account Reports

We report your business’s followers, interactions, content and reputation in all social networks monthly.
We share the outcomes of the competition run on your brand’s social media accounts with detailed reports after the competition or campaigns end.