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ValisoyMedia, one of the leading agencies in America, has solutions in the field of corporate web design, web software, corporate identity design and digital marketing for its customers in its professional business range.

It is our first priority to convey the most accurate visual messages to your target audience in our web design process, which we define as a production process that is more than a “business” for us, blending art and bright ideas together. The most permanent and effective way to convey your brand message is to create an easy-to-use and perfectly designed website when your customers call you in the digital world.

ValisoyMedia always creates visual designs in web design works using global and trend lines. ValisoyMedia, which performs both fast opening websites and SEO compatible web design studies, also uses up-to-date frameworks and code structures in software. The work of ValisoyMedia, which makes modern web interface designs, is also SEO compatible and the conversion rate is high.

ValisoyMedia not only designs your website, but also improves your design so that you can convey your message in the most effective way, and supports you with messages and images. During the content production process and the stages of adding content to your site, we pay attention to the following points:

√ Content is compatible with your brand.
√ Optimizing for search engines.
√ Content is in harmony with both design and visuals.
√ The words that your target audience can easily reach are determined and added meticulously.

web design

Frequently Asked Web Design Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before starting Web Design studies with ValisoyMedia. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you not to make wrong decisions during the design process.

What is web design?

Web design is special designs designed to increase the reliability of your brand, meet the demands of your visitors and quickly and clearly what your customers want to know without unnecessary, confusing design elements.

How does the web design process work?

The design is created in line with the briefs from the customer. The created design is sent to customer approval, if there is a revision, final touches are made and delivered to the work coding team. Designs are made ready for publication by our coding team with the latest trending coding infrastructure by giving importance to google friendly, SEO compatible and fast opening time. Finally, the client is shown the functionality of the design in a demo link, and after approval, it is published on the site domain name using the file uploader (FTP) platform.

What is the difference between ready-made web design and custom web design?

Ready-made web design is a kind of wordpress infrastructure that we recommend for our customers who allocate low budget. Ready wordpress theme is the web design type prepared by changing the corporate color, content and visuals of the project to be made. Special web design is the type of web design that is designed according to the speed performance values of SEO compatible, which is designed only for that brand or product, and the infrastructure required to display the targets, wishes, product or service of customers without budget problems. We can transform the specially prepared web design into a dynamic infrastructure with a management panel, using either the wordpress infrastructure or the ASP.NET infrastructure. Custom web design has more pros than ready web design. It is more advantageous than ready-made web design with its clean and high quality coding infrastructure, search engines are friendly and user experience is at the forefront.

Can I manage the website myself?

If you need a dynamic website that requires updating at certain intervals, we integrate the management panel prepared with wordpress or special software to your website. In this way, you can update any area on your website without adding code information, and add new pages or products.

Web design prices are determined according to what?

First, we listen to the client’s goals, wishes and needs. Accordingly, it is determined whether it is a dynamic or corporate promotion site. The corporate promotion site, on the other hand, removes how many pages, how much action is available on the site and how long it will be delivered, and send a price quote. For dynamic websites, management panel coding and user interface coding time is calculated based on content, service or product management, and a price quote is offered.

What is a static and dynamic website?

Static website is a structure that is coded and delivered once with the HTML infrastructure where the product or service is introduced in line with the requests of the customer. If the person who wants to update does not have the code information afterwards, he / she cannot update on the website he / she received. Dynamic website is the structure where the product or service is displayed and delivered with a management panel where they can update, delete or add, even if there is no desired time code information.

Why is mobile compatibility important in web design?

You can turn your website into a legible, easy-to-find platform for mobile phones for today’s technologies, which you can easily find and search for more users. You can better demonstrate the quality and reliability of your brand or service.

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